Sick Days

Sick DayYou’ve seen the commercial: Moms don’t get sick days.

Kiddos do, though, and, this past week, we’ve taken them. Sweet Potato has battled the unsparing allergens of the Oklahoma air and Mint Julep just can’t seem to shake a lingering cough. At first, I made that rookie mistake of attempting to carry on as though neither little one were sick, but, by Monday, I was tired of the charade and the babies were just so very tired. So, we decided to make a thing of it.

As always, I felt the need to read before I felt the ability to act, so I consulted my beloved Auntie Leila. I knew she wouldn’t let me down and she didn’t. Step by step, she explains how to care for sick children. I realized as I read it that I already knew all of it: My mama was an expert nurse, which was why I actually liked to be sick as a child, even though I very rarely was. I’d like to be a caretaker of that caliber someday myself, although I’ll admit I’m lacking in the natural compassion that can turn an illness into an opportunity to experience extraordinary tenderness.  I’m praying for it, though.

The week was so very long, but, as it turned out, slowing ourselves down offered up some precious moments of reading together on the sofa, cuddling and reestablishing an at-home routine after several weeks of go-go-going just to prove to ourselves we could. Best of all, we can look forward to enjoying that same routine in the coming weeks sans sickness (although we’re not quite there yet!)!

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