The Power of a Cold Shower

For the past couple of days, I’ve battled an apparent throat infection coupled with unusual body aches. It’s not unusual for me to fall into self-pity, and I have today.

Then, this afternoon, our hot water heater ceased to function. Now, I’m not normally the unshowered stay-at-home mom of popular stereotype, but I’d not showered since Sunday for a variety of reasons (the chief of which was the aforementioned sickness). I really, really wanted and needed to take a shower today.

So, I did — and I learned anew just how grateful I am for hot showers … and healthful meals … and potable water … and my cozy bed … and our beautiful home … and my precious family.

All so very cliche, I know.

Here’s what’s maybe a little less cliche: We think we know and practice gratitude, but perhaps our gratitude is a little stale. Maybe we should start taking cold showers on purpose — at least every once in a while — in solidarity with those who are poor and suffering in ways we are not, in an effort to grow something that is lacking in us, as a way of showing our love for Jesus.

In other words, maybe there really is something to that whole “mortification of the flesh” thing so many saints practiced. I mean, there’s gotta be, right?

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