Renaming Rhett

Remember that detailed post I wrote to explain how the Oilman and I arrived at Mint Julep’s proposed legal name? Today, at 37 weeks four days pregnant and contracting very irregularly (drat prodromal labor!), we’re no longer sure we’re going to name him Rhett, after all. We still like the name; we’re just not sure it’s his name, you know?

This little man has put me through my paces this pregnancy and he’s also had fun teasing me as he’s flipped back and forth from the breech presentation to the vertex presentation. (If you’re a pregnant mama hoping for a natural birth who knows this very real struggle and you haven’t heard of Spinning Babies, check it out STAT! Also, consider recruiting a competent chiropractor who is certified in the Webster Technique to your care team — but don’t tell your brother if he is a pain management doctor; just write it on your blog and let him find out that way!)

So, yes, this baby boy needs a really, really strong name because he’s already a really strong kid. By all means, hit me with your best suggestions!

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